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july, 2017

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about Shoko

The aura of the club gives off the essence of party, so you know its going to be a great night! The atmosphere is exotic and full of red Japanese Feng-Shui décor. The dance floor wraps around an entire bar and takes up the majority of the floor space of the club. The dancing never breaks all night long. The VIP area, the terrace, and the main dance floor do not quit until the club closes, at 5am. Located along the Barcelonata beach, Shoko's surrounding give you the most magical and exotic summer vibes. The club often has themed nights, so make sure you check before so you can join in on the fun! The club has a big terrace that continues the Japanese feel and is available for you to grab a seat at the outside bar or take a breath in the fresh air. You can of course, smoke or even continue to dance the night away with a breeze. There is an option to leave the club area and stick your toes in the sand and get easy access back into the club with a stamp.

What you should know before going to the club

If you are on the Shaz Guest List, you can get FREE ENTRANCE to Shoko Barcelona! The process is simple and quick!

Enter your information, submit and you will be added to the Shaz List. The bouncer will let you right in with the word “Shaz List”

You can enter Shoko Barcelona until 1:00 on weekends and 1:30 on week days FOR FREE. Who would ever say no to a free party experience?


Bouncers pay special attention to what men are wearing, so take caution and use our tips to get into the club with no problems! Do not wear any kind of “sport shoes” or they will not let you enter. If you wear pants and a collared shirt, there should be no problems with the bouncers.


The women at Shoko are always dressed up with an elegant and sexy look. If you are dressed in a dress and heels and avoid anything athletic you will have no problems.

Shoko has a few different VIP areas which are big enough for you to enjoy your own mini dance floor with your friends. A unique aspect about this section is that it has a projector showing videos and pictures up on the wall where you sit and dance that go along with the music. There is more VIP space around and behind the Dj Booth and continues all along the back wall. The couches are slick black and red that goes along perfectly with the ambiance of the club. All the areas are sectioned off with a black guardrail and a bouncer at the entrance to make you feel like an even more exclusive guest. On top of all of the luxury on the inside, there is a VIP area on the terrace. You can enjoy the music, the breeze, and grab a drink all in one place. The terrace has very comfortable red couches and pillows ready to please your aching dancing feet. Booking a VIP table at Shoko will be the best choice you make while in Barcelona, so don’t miss out on the non-stop entertainment!

It's important to know that depending on how much you want to pay, the location of the table will change: the ones on the front row facing the dance floor will cost more than the ones in the back.

*Five guests per bottle, more guests means you must order more bottles

The VIP tables bookings at Shoko Club Barcelona start from € 250, but it truly depends on the quality and quantity of the bottles you decide to order.

What is Included?

A standard bottle at the lowest available will be, for example, a 75 cl bottle of Jack Daniels. Every bottle, no matter the price, comes with refreshments to mix with it. It’s your choice whether you want juice, energy drinks, or an array of sodas.


Passeig Marítim (La Barceloneta) 36, Barcelona, Spain

Metro Stop

L4 (yellow) - Ciutadella Vila Olimpica (3 min walk from metro station)

Night Bus

N8 and N6- brings you from Plaça Catalunya to the area of the club and takes you back to Plaça Catalunya at the end of the night. Once you arrive at Plaça Catalunya you must switch to the coordinating night bus to get home.


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