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Typical Spanish Drinks You Should Try in Barcelona

  Typical Spanish Drinks You Should Try in Barcelona Barcelona is very well known for its delicious Mediterranean food, beautiful sights,  and a vibrant nightlife.  The city has a very cosmopolitan vibe, so in restaurants and bars, you can f... Read More

How to Stop a Hangover

  How to stop a hangover The best way to decrease your hangover! Everyone knows that feeling when you wake up after a heavy night of drinking and you are not sure if you will to be able to move or not. Yes, I'm talking about that awful fee... Read More

Bachelor party activities in Barcelona

  Bachelor party activities in Barcelona! The best way to celebrate this rite of passage!   Have you come to Barcelona with your group of friends and one of them is about to get married, however, you have no idea how to plan it? Don't... Read More

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