Saturday Party Barcelona

Saturday Party: Barcelona

Overwhelmed by options for your Saturday night out? Check out the ongoing event schedule and a brief summary on each venue below to help you find the perfect Saturday party in Barcelona for you and your group.


Just Opium Party at Opium Barcelona


  *Highly recommended*

  • Just Opium is an ongoing Saturday event, with residences of two of Barcelona’s most popular DJ’s: Frank Caro and Danny Carderas
  • Opium is one of if not the most popular club in Barcelona, with a beachside location in the Port Olympic area of Barcelona
  • Opium Barcelona specializes in house, rap and top hits music
  • Due to the club’s worldwide popularity, we strongly recommend getting to the club by midnight to avoid extremely long lines
  • Free entry is guaranteed before 2 am with Shaz’s list, excluding special events or famous DJ’s. However, Shaz’s clubgoers will receive a discounted entry price for these events
  • Clubgoers also have the option to purchase a ticket on our website for the ability to get a drink and a cava at the club for 15€  between 1-2 a.m.
  • Without Shaz’s guest list, club entry fee to Opium is 20
  • The age restriction for Opium is 21+
  • For the dress code for Opium, we strongly recommend that women wear a dress and heels, and that men wear a collar shirt and nice shoes to avoid any issues.
  • Click here for more dress code information as well as directions to Opium Barcelona

FEEL Party at Pacha Barcelona


 *Highly recommended*

  • The FEEL Party at Pacha is an ongoing Saturday party in Barcelona, bringing the best house sounds in Barcelona as well as specializing in hip-hop and R&B
  • Pacha Barcelona is styled after the island of Ibiza, and showcase the best up and coming DJs from Ibiza
  • This weekend will feature worldwide famous DJ Rafa Barrios
  • The club offers a huge dance floor, three different VIP areas, and a massive terrace that lines up directly with the beach
  • Pacha has a prime location on the beachside of Port Olympic Barcelona, convienently located directly right next to Club Opium, Shoko and CDLC
  • Doors open at midnight, and clubgoers may enter for free before 1 a.m. on Saturday nights with Shaz’s List by filling out the guest list form
  • The age restriction for Pacha is 18+
  • Like most clubs in Barcelona, Pacha stricly forbids atheletic wear. While heels and a dress are not required for women, we do recommend still dressing nicely to guranteee entry into the club.
  • Also typical for clubs in Barcelona, bouncers pay extra attention to menswear, so we do recommend a collared shirt and nice shoes to gain access into Pacha
  • Click here more information on Pacha’s dress code as well as directions to the club

Coco Full Experience at Purobeach in the Hilton Barcelona



  • The Coco Full Experience at Purobeach is a party every Saturday in Barcelona
  • This day party starts at noon, and free entry is provided with Shaz’s guest list until 5:00 p.m.
  • Purobeach is famous around the city for having one of the best pool bars in Barcelona, as well as for its massive pool that offers one of the best views of the city
  • Purobeach is located in the famous Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona
  • Purobeach’s age restriction is 21 for women and 23 for men
  • Purobeach has a casual dress code, but as always, we do recommend dressing elegantly for the event to avoid any problems in gaining entry
  • Click here for additional information on dress code and directions to the hotel
  • For a more in-depth summary of the event, check out our last blog post covering Barcelona’s hottest pool parties

Urban Tunes Party at Eclipse


  • The Urban Tunes party at Eclipse an ongoing Saturday party in Barcelona, specializing in hip-hop and R&B tunes
  • The location meets the best of both worlds: combining both a club and lounge setting into one. Thus, clubgoers are able to relax and mingle on one of the many couches, have a drink from one of two fully stocked bars, or indulge in VIP status through Shaz in the roped off VIP area
  • Doors open at 11 p.m., with free entrance until 1:30 a.m. on Saturday nights with Shaz’s list
  • Eclipse offers a stunning view of the entire city, as the club is located on the 26th floor of the famous W Hotel. Keep in mind that clubgoers must get in line in front of the elevator to get to the club and gain entry
  • The age restriction for Eclipse is 21+
  • Clubgoers should keep in mind the especially luxurious atmosphere of the W Hotel, and dress accordingly in heels and dresses for women and collared shirts and dress shoes for men
  • For more information on the Eclipse dress code or for directions to the hotel, click here

Pure Shoko Saturdays at Shoko Barcelona

shoko-min (1)

  • Pure Shoko is a always the Saturday party in Barcelona, with doors opening at 11:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m.
  • Shoko specializes in hip-hop, house, R&B, with resident Saturday DJ’s Tony Storella and Papis
  • Shoko has an exotic club theme, full of red Japanese decor and it’s signature red color decorated all over the venue
  • The dance floor wraps around theentire bar, taking up majority of floor space
  • The club’s VIP area, terrace, and main dance floor stay going until the club closes at 5 a.m., so don’t be surprised if you still see a line out the door at 4 a.m.!
  • Shoko offers easy access to its outdoor area, where clubgoers can lounge on couches or an indulge in a hookah with friends or enjoy a walk on the beach with easy access back into the club by getting a hand stamp
  • Shoko’s dress code is chic but less restrictive than most clubs. However, as always, we do recommend dressing your best to guarantee entry for you and all of your group into the club, especially on Saturday nights.
  • For more information on Shoko dress code and directions to the club, please click here

Carpe Diem Nights at CDLC Barcelona


  • Carpe Diem Saturdays occur every Saturday to party at CDLC, with doors opening at 11:30 p.m. and free entry with Shaz’s list until 1:30 a.m.
  • The club specializes in house music, offering various famous DJ’s from around the world
  • CDLC is also located on the beachfront area, making meeting up with friends or club hopping in a single night especially convenient
  • CDLC also houses a restaurant and lounge in addition to the main beach club, so clubgoers can also enjoy a dinner on the beach before the main event
  • There are multiple VIP areas at CDLC, including a Bali Lounge for you and your friends to enjoy
  • The many VIP rooms make it a popular location for bachelor and bachelorette parties – which can be easily booked at a discounted price through Barcelona Parties!
  • The age restriction to enter CDLC Barcelona is 21+
  • CDLC has a more casual chic dress code, especially for women. So long as your group avoids anything athletic, you should have no problems
  • For more information on CDLC and for directions to the venue, click here

High Level Saturdays at Hyde Barcelona


  • High Level Saturdays are a regular Saturday party in Barcelona, with doors opening at midnight and free entry with Shaz’s list until 2:30 a.m.
  • The club specializes in R&B, club and house music, with High Level being the most exclusive party held at Hyde
  • The club is designed with a New York theme and very neutral colors, with subtle glamour added by the many chandeliers and disco balls around the club
  • Hyde hosts many different themes and events weekly, so be sure to check the schedule so you are dressed accordingly!
  • The age restriction to enter Hyde is 18+
  • Hyde does not have a specific dress code, however, it is an upscale club, so we do recommend dressing accordingly
  • For more information on Hyde and for directions to the club, click here

Supreme Room Saturdays at Club Otto Zutz

ottozutz-min (1)

  • Supreme Room Saturdays is the Saturday party in Barcelona at Club Otto Zutz, with doors opening at midnight and free entry until 1:30 a.m. with Shaz’s list
  • The venue is located in a building that used to be a textile factory, and has kept the warehouse theme going
  • Supreme Room is known as Otto Zutz’s most famous party around the city
  • Otto Zutz offers three different floors with three different styles of music: main floor is hip-hop, second is R&B and the third floor is “funky”
  • There are multiple VIP rooms and VIP package options, with the main VIP room located in the center of the main hip-hop room
  • In addition, there is an exclusive private VIP room with a private room and it’s own bar for those who want privacy at the club
  • The age restriction to enter Otto Zutz is 18+
  • The dress code for the club is smart and elegant, so we do recommend heels and dresses for girls as well as collared shirts and nice shoes for men
  • For more information on Otto Zutz as well as directions to the club, click here

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