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1-11 person(s)

Price from €325

Relax and enjoy the sights on the sea! Is there any more enjoyable and memorable way to spend a luxury day in Barcelona rather than on the water on a Motoryacht

Sailing Tour

1-11 person(s)

Price from €190

Don't miss the opportunity to sunbathe onboard and take a dip into the open sea. We want to give you a fantastic sailing tour along the coast of Barcelona.

Jet Ski

1-2 person(s)

Price from €65

Enjoy this incredible adventure with your friends, you’ll have the chance to ride 30 minutes your own jet ski in the Mediterranean sea.


1 person(s)

Price from €90

This is a relaxing way to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Barcelona with a touch of adrenaline. Parasailing could be a good way to spend a day in the beach this summer.


1 person(s)

Price from €85

Do you want to try a new sport that is revolutionising the world of water sports? Hop on to a flyboard, an aerodynamic boardand you will flight into the air!

Fly fish

1 person(s)

Price from €30

The boat flies to dash against the wind sweeping that it real fly on the seawater. It is a great adventure by flying like fish jumping on the seawater with high boat speed.

Banana Boat

1 person(s)

Price from €20

Jump on the Banana Boat and try not to fall off while the skipper tows the inflated raft along for your tailor-made ride. A really fun activity with lots of laughs

Hen/Stag Parties

Indoor Karting

1 person(s)

Price from €49

If you are looking to plan the perfect stag or hen party, our Indoor karting facilities are for you. We can provide you an indoor karting day.

Scuba Diving

1 person(s)

Price from €55

You will explore the sea under water and learn the basic skills of a scuba diving. Enjoy of the lunch after the activity and your group have some time to see the beach.

Wine Tasting

1 person(s)

Price from €54

Catalonia region is a home of many excellent wines and cavas. Wine tasting is a great activity to break the ice or round off a day's activities.

Escape Room

1 person(s)

Price from €17

Can you find with your group the keys to escape? Bring along your intelligence, your creativity and logical thinking ability, because you will need them for escaping.

Bubble Football

1/10 person(s)

Price from €24

It is a fun way to get away from routine for everyone looking to enjoy for a day, being it outdoor or indoor with Bubble Football in Barcelona.

Mermaid Swimming and photo

1 person(s)

Price from €12

Have you ever been dreamed of swimming underwater with a mermaid tale and find your inner Ariel? You can make your dream come true.


1 person(s)

Price from €77

Do you feel stressed, tense or desire a total disconnection from the modern world? This package is the perfect relief for you body, mind and soul.



1/12 person(s)

Price from €260

The hummer limousine will pick you up at the airport and will bring you wherever you want around the city. This limousine tour is perfect for who want to discover this beautiful city in an elegant and exciting way.