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Bling Bling Barcelona

about Bling Bling Barcelona

Bling Bling Barcelona is a sophisticated nightclub nestled on Calle Tuset, where top-notch night parties and a fantastic ambiance await you! This hotspot is a must-visit in Barcelona, known for its exquisite design and inviting atmosphere that sets it apart in the popular upper district on Tuset street.

Prepare to be dazzled by the gorgeous interior of Bling Bling Barcelona - a vintage chic style that blends gold, pink, blue, and sparkles to captivate your senses. The club exudes a vogue charm that makes you feel like you've stepped into a classic hotel, complete with sexy go-go dancers and live saxophone performances that add excitement to the night. The club's opening hours are 00:30 a.m. - 06:00 a.m.

At Bling Bling, get ready to groove to a mix of electronic, dance, commercial house, hip-hop music, and reggaeton tunes that will keep you on your feet all night long. Bling Bling Barcelona has got you covered with a music menu that caters to all tastes and keeps the party going strong.

The age requirements at Bling Bling Barcelona vary depending on the day of the week, catering to different crowds. On Wednesdays, admission is 18+ and the club is crowded with young university students from Europe, America, and Spain. Thursdays welcome guests aged +18 for girls and +21 for boys, appealing to a university and youthful audience. On Fridays and Saturdays, the minimum age for entry is +23 for girls and +25 for boys, attracting a more sophisticated crowd.

A regular ticket at Bling Bling typically costs €20 per person, including a drink to kick off the night. Join the Shaz Guest List for Bling Bling Barcelona to gain entry with your friends and enjoy free access to parties.

For an unforgettable nightlife experience, consider booking a VIP table at Bling Bling with your friends. This exclusive reservation grants you access to top-notch treatment, personalized service, and a special VIP section where you can dance and revel in style like a true VIP. Contact Shaz Guest List!

When planning your visit to Bling Bling, remember to dress elegantly as casual or sportswear is not permitted. The glamorous ambiance of the venue calls for stylish attire, ensuring a seamless entry and a night of unforgettable experiences in the glamorous world of Bling Bling Barcelona!

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