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about CDLC

CDLC, also known as Carpe Diem is a nightclub right off the beach shore. The club is well-known for its great Dom Perignon Champagne that is one of the options for the VIP table bottle service. The theme of the club is a magnificent Morocco and Bali theme. The moment you walk in the club the décor will make you feel like you are wandering around an African lounge. The chandeliers themselves will wow you for the entire night while you dance until sun rises. The dance floor is electrified with neon lights and the best house music. There is a terrace that leads out onto the beach that continues the Bali vibes with the colors, lighting, and sculptures.


If you are on the Shaz Guest List, you can get FREE ENTRANCE to CDLC Barcelona! Signing up is so easy, why would you pass it up?

Fill out the form, submit the information and you will be added to Shaz List. The bouncer will let you right in once you tell him you are on Shaz List.

You can enter CLDC Barcelona until 1am on weekends and 2am on week days. F-R-E-E!


Bouncers pay more attention to men appearance, so to be on the safest side, make sure you have a collared shirt, slacks and nice closed toe shoes. The shoes are often a turning point, so pay careful attention to what you decide to wear out.


The club loves to see women dress up in their elegant outfits and heels ready to party the night away. As long as you try your best to avoid anything “athletic” then you shouldn’t have a problem with the bouncers.

The VIP sections at CDLC will blow your mind. The club has private Bedouin tents available for you to have your own space with your friends and then have the freedom to join the crowd back on the dance floor. The Bali Lounge is decorated with awesome bright Moroccan style pillows and decorations. This area also has square sofas sectioned off by curtains to give you some extra privacy. It is also great to rest your feet while having a cocktail. These areas are very exclusive and the privacy will be great to relax and have a conversation.

It is important to know that depending on how much you want to pay, the location of the table will change. The ones on the front row facing the dance floor will cost more than the ones in the back.

*Five guests per bottle, more guests means you must order more bottles

The VIP tables bookings at CDLC Club Barcelona start from €250 and as the location of the table or price of the bottles it could go up to €600 or more depending on the type of night you want to have.

What is Included?

You can choose whatever type of bottle you’d like to have for the night, but of course the better the quality the more expensive. A less expensive bottle would be Absolute Vodka or Jack Daniels, for example, and the premium bottles like Belvedre will be more expensive. With your choice of bottle you are given refreshments to mix with it. There are also sodas, juices, and energy drinks available for you!


Passeig Maritim de la Barceloneta, 32

Metro Stop

L4 (yellow) – Ciutadella Vila Olimpica (3 min walk from metro station)

Night Bus

N8 and N6- brings you from Plaça Catalunya to the area of the club and takes you back to Plaça Catalunya at the end of the night. Once you arrive at Plaça Catalunya you must switch to the coordinating night bus to get home.

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