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Hyde Club

about Hyde Club

Hyde Club Barcelona is styled after the great city of New York, with a very neutral color scheme. The very modern theme compliments the art, fashion, and creativity of the American city. There are also chandeliers and disco balls that hang up on the ceiling to create an even more glamorous ambiance. The club is often hosting different parties, so make sure to check the agenda before venturing to the club so you aren’t missing anything out! The young and beautiful people of Barcelona fill up the club to listen to the best R&B, house, and soul music. There is a large bar with lots of bar stools to please your drinking needs. The dance floor takes off the majority of the club, so you can dance the whole night.


If you are on the Shaz Guest List, you can get FREE ENTRANCE to Hyde Club Barcelona! Signing up is very easy and works every time for everybody.

Fill out the form, submit the information and you will be added to Shaz List. “Shaz List” is well-know among the bouncers, so don’t worry about entering the club.

You can enter Hyde Club Barcelona until 3:00 am. FOR FREE. Free is fun, free is fantastic, free is Shaz List.


The dress code is always more stict for the males. Pay close attention to what you decide to wear out to the club. If you avoid anything that would qualify as “athletic”, there should be no problems. Stick with long pants and a collard shirt.


Girls should have no problems getting in if you dress nice. Bring out the dresses and go for an elegant look, this is an upscale club after all.

The VIP tables are small, quaint and perfect to sit and relax. They continue the neutral New York feel and provide a great spot to enjoy some wonderful bottle service. The VIP section is sectioned off by a velvet rope that create an exclusive atmosphere for the guests.

It is important to know that depending on how much you want to pay, the location of the table will change. The ones on the front row facing the dance floor will cost more than the ones in the back.

*Five guests per bottle, more guests means you must order more bottles

A normal table costs 250 Euros and includes a standard size bottle of your choice. You also receive soft drinks, energy drinks, and juices to mix with your alcohol. Keep in mind that it will be only 5 guests per bottle, so if you want more people, you will need to buy more bottles.

What is Included?

With VIP bottle service you get personalized service at your own table for you and your friends, a bottle of top-notch alcohol of your choosing and soft drinks. You can pick from energy drinks and juices to any type of coca cola. The location of the VIP areas gives you easy access to the dance floor or room to dance from your seat. The experience is one of a kind with the service and atmosphere. You will really feel like the most important guest in the club, because let’s face it, you are!


Pasaje Domingo 3

Metro Stop

L3/L4 Passeig de Gracia L3L5 Diagonal

Night Bus

N4, N5 – brings you from Placa Catalunya to the area of the club and takes you back to Placa Catalunya at the end of the night. Once you arrive at Placa Catalunya, you must switch to the coordinating night bus to get home.

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