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Otto Zutz

about Otto Zutz

Among the most visited clubs in Barcelona, Otto Zutz is located in a building that used to be a textile factory. The interior has been kept up to follow suit to what it used to be functioned for. It has a steel and iron interior that will keep the presence of its old ways around the club. The club has three different floors with different styles of music, depending on what you like. The main floor is Hip-Hop, the second is R&B, and the third floor is funky. All three floors have their own unique bar and dance floor, so make your way to all three in order to enjoy the club in its entirety.


If you are on Shaz Guest List, you can get FREE ENTRANCE to Otto Zutz Barcelona! Signing up for this list will be the best choice you can make in order to experience the amazing Barcelona nightlife.

It is as simple as an email address, and you will be added to the Shaz List. The bouncer will know what the Shaz List is, so don’t worry.

You can enter Otto Zutz Barcelona until 1am on weekends and 2am on week days. FOR FREE. I love free things, do you?

The dress code at Otto Zutz is described as “smart and elegant”. The guests that show up to Otto Zutz are always a wide range of different types of people with their own unique style.


The boys will avoid problems if they wear slacks or jeans and a collared shirt. Avoid anything that can be taken as ‘athletic’, especially the shoes.


Girls, this is a night to dress up elegantly! A dress and heels will work fine. Just try to avoid any kind of athletic outfit.

Otto Zutz has a lot of VIP options for your night out. You can choose from the main VIP room, Palco VIP, Alternative VIP, Los Altos VIP to exclusive private VIP. The main VIP room is located in the center of the R&B and Hip Hop room. This room is the most populated and being seated in the center you will feel immersed into the party. The Palco VIP is the most exclusive section of the Hip Hop room. Your area is a large box that is higher up so you can see the entire floor. The alternative VIP Main room is a great place if you would rather listen to 80’s, 90’s, rock and pop international hits. Los Altos is the most exclusive lounge where the service is unbelievably personalized and privately located at the roof. Lastly, the Exclusive Private VIP is a private room that has its own bar. The music is independent from the rest, but still at the same intensity. This room will truly make your night feel exclusive and important.

It is important to know that depending on how much you want to pay, the location of the table will change. The ones on the front row facing the dance floor will cost more than the ones in the back.

*Five guests per bottle, more guests means you must order more bottles

Main VIP- 200 Euros for 4-5 persons Palco VIP Main room – 600 Euro for 20 people, includes a private bathroom Alternative VIP – 150 Euro for 4-5 people Los Altos VIP – 200 Euro for 4-5 people Exclusive Private VIP – 1000 Euros for 30 people

What is Included?

All of the tables come with the bottle, refreshments to mix, and a courtesy gift.


Carrer de Lincoln, 15

Metro Stop

L3 Fontana

Night Bus

N5 – brings you from Plaça Catalunya to the area of the club and takes you back to Plaça Catalunya at the end of the night. Once you arrive at Plaça Catalunya you must switch to the coordinating night bus to get home.

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