Hey all Party People in Barcelona!

As we all know Halloween is coming, which is a really cool part of the year. You can let your imagination run wild, while creating your costume or decorations for the Halloween party.

This is also a great time for partying. During this day clubs are going to be decorated specially for the Halloween. Bar tenders are going to change into vampires, witches and other creepy characters.

We’ve prepared a list of the clubs where you can party on the night of 31st of October.


  • House, Hits, Electronic
  • TICKETS: 20.00€ with two drinks


  • Hip Hop, R&B, Hits
  • TICKETS: FREE with Shaz List until 1:00 am


  • Hits / Latin / Reggaeton
  • TICKETS: 15.00€ with one drink


  • House
  • TICKETS: 20.00€ with one drink


  • Praslea & Maher Daniel
  • TICKETS: 10.00€