Student Parties in Barcelona

The best parties for Erasmus students in Barcelona!

If you want to enjoy Student parties in Barcelona in the best clubs with all the other students, you have come to the right place! This vibrant city has a lot to offer, especially in case of the nightlife.

Every year Barcelona attracts a lot of Erasmus students from all over the world and there are good reasons for it – nightlife, weather, cultural sights and so on.  Thus, besides a touristic city, Barcelona is also an international student city. That’s why Barcelona has a lot of organizations and groups, such as Erasmus Barcelona, that organize many events, especially for all the students, for instance welcome parties, boat parties and many other activities. All of these parties are often organized in Barcelona’s best clubs such as Opium, Pacha, E-clipse, Jamboree and more.

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Where to go?

From fancy to an urban interior, from commercial to techno music. Barcelona has it all. The best thing about this city is that you can party every night, if you can handle it. A lot of clubs are open every day of the week, like Opium, Pacha and Shoko and they organize different events every night, so the students in Barcelona often don’t get enough sleep.

On Mondays, you can find a lot of students at the City Hall where you can enjoy the Spanish beats. For house music and techno lovers there is Eclipse with an epic view. Tuesday night parties are the best for students at Opium, Shoko or Jamboree. We recommend you to go to Otto Zutz on Wednesday, where Erasmus Barcelona often organize free dinners and open bars. Thursdays nights are the best at Bling Bling with its luxury vintage style interior. And during the weekend, we have a lot of choices from all the clubs at Port Olimpic to Otto Zutz in the Gracia neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the entrance fee of many clubs is not cheap at all and we know that a lot of students don’t have a big budget to spend and they certainly don’t want to waste it on entrance fees. That’s why Barcelona Parties can give you free access to many clubs .  You just need to subscribe yourself and your friends to the guestlist.

Besides partying at night, Barcelona also has many parties during the day, which attracts a lot of students. For instance boat parties, beach parties, rooftop parties and many more. For student parties in Barcelona, there is an endless list of activities and places you should definitely visit!

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