Barcelona nightlife: Do’s and Dont’s

What to do and not to do while partying in Barcelona!


Every country and even almost every city has its kind of own culture and own traditions. This article is not about the historical culture but about the nightlife culture of Barcelona. Partying abroad can be really different than in your hometown, depending on the city you are staying, because some cities have more rules and differences than other ones. That´s why we prepare for you article about Barcelona nightlife: Do’s and Don’ts.

In Barcelona, there are also a few ‘rules’ and tips you should remember before going out in one of the best clubs in Barcelona. Here you can find a list of 10 do’s and don’ts at the nightlife in Barcelona.


1. Do party all night long

student parties barcelona

Barcelona is a city that never sleeps because there is always something to do, no matter what day it is. Every night there are a lot of parties who don’t end until the sun comes up. Here, you can dance on the best beats until the early hours.  If you visit a club in front of the beach, like Pacha, you can go to the beach afterwards and watch the beautiful view of the sunrise.

2. Don’t make noise outside the clubs and bars

Most of Barcelona’s streets, especially the ones in the old town area, are very small and high buildings are situated just next to them, which means that the sound reflects very loudly. So, if you don’t want to argue with the neighbors of the clubs, bars or even your stay, keep quiet while being outside. It will keep the nearby residents and eventually yourself happy.

3. Do try some typical Spanish drinks

A lot of people relate Spain to Sangria but besides this delicious red wine cocktail, Spain offers some other very delicious typical drinks you should not miss out on. The most famous ones are Sangria, vermouth, cava, ron con cola (rum with coke) and Clara (lemon beer) If you like cava and sangria, you should also try sangria de cava, a sangria that is made with cava instead of red wine.
In Barcelona, you can find a lot of places where they sell these drinks for a good price. We recommend you to go to the bars that are specialized in these drinks to try the best ones from Barcelona.

4. Don’t pay too much for the clubs

The entrance fees for the clubs in Barcelona can be very high. Their prices are ranging from 10 to 20 euros. Fortunately, with Shaz list you don’t have to pay to enter the club. Just subscribe for the guest list and you will get free entrance to all the best clubs in Barcelona!

5. Eat tapas before clubbing


Spain is known for its delicious tapas and there is no better food to eat before drinking than tapas – it is often cheap, makes you full and it is very yummy. Barcelona has a lot of tapas bars, some of them near the clubs, so you can go straight to one of the best clubs in Barcelona after eating very tasty tapas.

6. Don’t smoke in forbidden places

Like any other part in Europe, it is not allowed to smoke in public indoor places such as restaurants, bars, museums and clubs. Because of this rule, a lot of clubs have a smoke area. The clubs at the beach even have a terrace with a view to the beach where you can sit at their lounge chairs and enjoy some fresh air or smoke a cigarette.

7. Do be open minded for others cultures

Barcelona is a very touristic city full of international students. This means you will get in touch with a lot of different cultures. If you are open to other nationalities, you can meet a lot of new people from all over the world and make international friends while going out in Barcelona. And how nice would it be to pay a visit later to one of your new friends in their country?

8. Don’t leave your rubbish in public places

When you go for a picnic or a drink in the park, at the beach or in another public place before going to the club, don’t forget to clean all your rubbish and don’t leave anything behind. If the police sees it, you will have to pay a fine of 1500 euros. And it is better to spend this money on partying or sightseeing, don’t you think?

9. Do watch your belongings during partying

Pickpockets in Barcelona Metro and Clubs

Because Barcelona is such a popular city that attracts a lot of people, it is also a city with a lot of picket pockets and they are really smart. Watch all your belongings very good while going out because these people exactly know how to steal something very sneaky, it happens a lot here.

10. Don’t wait and go for party with your friends.

Now that you know everything you should know about partying in Barcelona, grab your friends and dance the night away at Barcelona’s awesome nightlife!

To sum it up, we showed you Barcelona nightlife: Do’s and Don’ts, 10 steps which you should definitely follow!


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