Barcelona Nightlife Dress Code 

policy may disappoint you if you don’t exactly know it right. In this article about Barcelona Nightlife Dress Code we will guide you on how to dress and behave according to the club’s policy.  The next step is how you could avoid being rejected.

In order to perfect your stay in Barcelona, make sure you get out there during the night and experience the fabulous Barcelona nightlife that everybody is talking about. Each club has its unique style and ambiance, so be ready to be surprised with every club you check out.

Most of the clubs have strict rules. You may to know about them before heading towards the club in order to avoid any kind of unpleasant situations.

 4 Reasons Clubs Refuse People in Barcelona

  • Firstly, alcohol and the clubs go together like coffee and cookie, we all know it. Secondly, make sure you enjoy it with moderation, as being too drunk to carry yourself is one of the most common reasons to be refused at a club in Barcelona.
  • Make sure you check the dress code of the nightclubs you are willing to party. Barcelona parties gives you information about items to be avoid and the accurate outfit for almost all the club in Barcelona. Try to avoid anything that may be classified as sporty. Especially sport running shoes or too inappropriate ones. Avoid shorts, too many face piercings or tattoos. Aim for classy and elegant. Then you will have no problems entering the clubs in Barcelona.
  • Another aspect that could make the bouncers at the club refuse you is drinking in the line. Also bringing drinks in front of the club. Make sure you only drink inside the club. So leave your drink in there if you go out for a cigarette or to hang out.
  • Attitude weights a lot in confronting with new people, so make sure you don’t talk too loud, scream or manifest over excitement in front of the bouncers.

As I mentioned before, Barcelona parties give you specific details about almost every nightclub’s dress code, so make sure you check them, wear your favorite outfit, your beautiful smile and party with style till sunrise.

Enjoy Barcelona Nightlife and keep in mind all reasons club refuse people in Barcelona to avoid disappointments 🙂