Your dresscode

Are you preparing to come and enjoy the exciting nightlife of Barcelona but are undecided on what to wear? Not to worry! We have gathered all the key information needed for your backpack to be as light as possible. Barcelona Party Dress Code mostly depends of the event theme of the night club you are going to. If you want to make sure that your clothing is appropriate, just take a look at the events’ website or Facebook page. The party dress code is usually mentioned near to the e-ticket purchase (see picture below).

Dress to impress

If you are planning to go to an upscale club, you will need prior planning for your outfit. The door of Eclipse is one of the strictest in the city. For most of theirs parties ladies should follow the motto “Dress to impress“ what means chick dress, elegant heels and accessories. For, gentleman, a collared shirt and dress shoes is a must-have. T-shirts, shorts and sport shoes will simply not cut it.

Smart and elegant

Another club which almost as exclusive as Eclipse is Opium Barcelona, with the level of strictness fluctuating depends on the day of the week. From Thursday till Saturday Night the dress code is smart and elegant. For the girls, cocktail dress and low-heels or other elegant shoes are recommended. Boys, on the other hand, also need to be careful about the outfit. The bouncers in clubs like Opium are known to pay a little bit more attention to how men are dressed. Though, try to avoid the ‘athletic’ look, mainly with respect to your shoes! That being said, for the rest of the days of the week the door policy is more lax however be aware that sloppy attire will restrict your entry.

The same kind of rules apply to the internationally recognized Pacha, another Barcelona renowned nightclubs by the beach. For girls, a mix of elegance and sexiness will always be in your favor. Once again, do not hesitate to go on any of these clubs’ website’s to be sure of what outfit to choose.

Well Dressed

Some other clubs in Barcelona are more relaxed and therefore not as strict in terms of dress code. For example in Jamboree, a popular Jazz and Dance club or Hyde nightclub any casual outfits are allowed. For their parties can choose comfortable, informal clothing, as for example jeans or other pants and appropriate tops.

Now that you have all the clues in hand, it is time for you to put on your favorite outfit and party like never before!

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