Best beer places in Barcelona

Best beer places to start an unforgettable night in Barcelona!

Beer and Barcelona is a perfect combination, because this vibrant city offers a lot of nice beer crafts to try different beers in a unique location. Perfect for the real beer fine tasters. Most of the beer places offer international beers from different countries but also exceptional beers and typical local beers brewed in Spain. So, if you fancy a nice beer on a terrace in the sun or before exploring the wonderful nightlife in Barcelona, you should definitely check out one of these beer places. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best beer places in Barcelona. We hope you are thirsty!

Garage Beer Co


If you want to drink beer in a very authentic atmosphere, Garage Beer Co is the place to be! This beer craft is located in a former garage, that’s why it got its name. They serve both own-brewed beers as international beers. Besides delicious beers, you can order some nice appetizers to try with your extraordinary beer. This bar is located near placa Universidad, which is the perfect location to get a beer with your school mates. You can continue the night in City Hall Club next to the Plaza de Catalunya.

Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 261, Barcelona
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 17:00–00:00 Friday and Saturday: 17:00–03:00
Telephone: +34 935 28 59 89

BlackLab brewpub

BlackLab Brewpub is a special brewpub that serves a lot of special beers such as beer with a honey taste. Besides a pub, it is also a brew house and restaurant where they serve international flavors and dishes from all around the world. BlackLab offers beers from the industrialization into art with a range of delicious flavors, ranging from pale and brown ales, to stouts and bitters. Come and try a whole new world of tasty beers. Then, of course, go to the party! The nearest place we recommend you is Eclipse – the club on the 26th floor of  W Hotel with amazing views overlooking Barcelona.

Address: Palau del Mar, Plaça de Pau Vila, 1, Barcelona
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 12:00–01:30, Friday and Saturday: 12:00–02:00
Telephone: +34 932 21 83 60

Brewdog Bar


Brewdog Bar is a Scottish beer craft located in the Eixample neighborhood. They are famous for their ‘guest beers’, which are constantly changing. The pub has 20 craft beers on tap, more than the half of them are self-brewed. Besides these beers on tap, they also sell beer in big bottles, perfect for the real beer lovers. Their beers are full of character and natural flavor. So, when you are visiting Barcelona, don’t forget to try this amazing beer craft! But if the beer tasting is not enough for you,  you can check some club events!

Address: Carrer de Casanova, 69, Barcelona
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 17:00–00:00, Friday and Saturday:  17:00–02:00
Telephone: +34 934 88 59 79

Ovella Negra

OVELLA NEGRA, Barcelona - Ciutadella / Vila Olimpica - Fotos, Número de  Teléfono y Restaurante Opiniones - Tripadvisor

Ovella Negra is a nice beer place hidden in one the narrow streets nearby La Rambla. It has the atmosphere of an old tavern or forge. The furniture consists of diligent oak benches tables and chairs.  At this bar, you can order big cans of beer. But besides beer, they also offer advantageous jugs of sangria, ideal for the non-beer-drinkers. It is most known for the cosmopolitan crowd like backpackers, tourists and students but also the local population visit this bar very often. Probably because of their friendly prices, Jugs of beer or sangria (1.75 liters) cost here 7 euros and you get glasses and a basket of salty popcorn with it. It is a perfect place for a drink before heading out to one of the best clubs in Barcelona.

Address: Calle de les Sitges, 5, Barcelona
Opening hours: 17:00 – 02:30
Telephone: +34 933 17 10 87

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