Best salsa clubs Barcelona!

If you are visiting Barcelona, you should not only focus on the activities and sights during the day, because this vibrant city also has a very rich nightlife. Every night, there are different events and activities such as parties in the best clubs, rooftop parties but also salsa nights.

Spain is known for the typical Salsa dance, that is why Barcelona has a lot of salsa clubs where you can learn this authentic dance and experience the Spanish culture. And while visiting this vibrant city, you should at least have followed one class to get to know its culture.

Here you can learn more about the best salsa clubs in Barcelona and where to follow salsa classes in the city.

Salsa in general

What exactly is salsa? Well, salsa is a sensual dance that initially originates from Cuba. The name comes from a popular radio programme sponsored by a manufacturer of spicy tomato sauce. The dance mainly focuses on movement, which means that is hasn’t a fixed order that needs to be followed. The guy leads the lady and determines the dance moves by the music. 

Free salsa classes

In Barcelona, there are a lot of salsa schools where you can learn this magical dance but most often they ask a lot of money for only one class. That’s why in Cityhall, they organize free salsa classes where you can enjoy the Spanish atmosphere while making new international friends and learning a new dance.

Salsa in clubs

In some of the best clubs, you can also expect the typical salsa music to let yourself completely go. They often organize some Spanish music nights and even particularly salsa nights.

For example, the Mojito club is known for this kind of music style but also bachata and Latin music. Thursdays and Sundays are the best days for salsa and bachata music at the Mojito club.

Another club you must visit for its salsa music is Antilla Salsa Club, that hosts a lot of live music performances with bands and orchestras in fusion and Latin music. The club also has its own salsa school, for both beginners as experienced salsa dancers.

And finally, there is Habana club. This is both a dance club and a restaurant in one. Perfect for enjoying some salsa music while eating a delicious meal or showing off your dance moves on the dancefloor.


So, if you want to impress your friends or that one guapa or guapo in the club, take some classes and show them what you got!

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