Best VIP Clubs Barcelona

The best VIP clubs in Barcelona!

Barcelona has some of the best VIP clubs with classy interiors and high-class atmospheres. It is a city rich in the nightlife, worldwide famous for its fancy parties. There is a wide variety of bars and nightclubs that offer a big diversity of music.  As it is the culture of Spanish people to eat and drink late, the nightlife in Barcelona starts late as well.  Usually, nightclubs are not full until early morning at 1 to 2 am and would not end until 6 am.

The clubs have a high entrance fee, that’s why you can get free entrance with Shaz list.  If you would like to have a more high-end night, you can arrange VIP access in the following nightclubs.

1. Opium

Opium Barcelona is a club, a bar and a restaurant, located next to the beach of Barceloneta. It offers entertainment and has a high quality service. What is unique about this club, is its terrace being located on the seaside, offering guests a view of the beach. Opium has big names playing on some nights, such as as David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Hardwell and many more.  You will hear the latest house hits, electronic and commercial music. Opium has 5 big VIP areas, distributed between the room and the beachside terrace where you have a view on the dance floor from a privileged location.   The club promises you outstanding music and a memorable night.

2. Shoko

Shoko is a club located right next to Barcelona beach. It is one of the biggest clubs, offering a capacity of about 500 people. Also, it is one of the most popular clubs on the strip, especially among tourists and wealthy locals. It has a club, a restaurant and a terrace under one roof. The club hosts different parties every night. The VIP of Shoko is situated in a privileged area with views of both the dancefloor as  the Mediterranean sea. Here you can enjoy a comfortable and privileged experience but there is also the Chill out terrace next to the beach where you will be able to enjoy the best cocktails and a VIP service all night long.

3. Pacha

Pacha Barcelona is a nightclub that has a terrace with a view of the beach. It is on the beachfront of Barceloneta, a perfect club for your next unforgettable party. It is one of the oldest and most popular clubs. Originally, it was founded in Ibiza where it earned its worldwide fame among the party-goers.  The club’s music is performed by the best local and international DJs and artists. Different events are hosted each week.  Having a good time at Pacha can be defined by a fantastic blend of music, unique lighting system, and a cocktail bar. Pacha’s VIP is a beautiful area with a view at the dancefloor.  Here, you can enjoy the benefits of being in a priviliged and secluded area but still feel the energy from the DJ, the music and the crowd.

4. Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz nightclub opened in June 1985 in the city center. It was founded on a former textile factory on Carrer Lincoln street. The two-floor building was recreated with a typical New York industrial environment. The open space is decorated with hard materials, cement, cast iron pillars, metal fences, iron beams and ceilings vaulted with denim. The design is meant to project the idea that the building is the factory, the music is a form of tool, and the customers are the raw materials. The reputation of Otto Zuts crossed the borders but the place is eventually known as a “simple” nightclub and bar.  Otto Zutz has 5 different VIP area’s that have a different view of the dancefloor and the club, one of them is even a sort of private room.


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