Otto Zutz is one of the most visited clubs in Barcelona and it must be on your to do list when you visit this wonderful city. This article offers you directions to Otto Zutz Barcelona from a few different transportations.

Directions to Otto Zutz Barcelona

Iphone Map Tip

For those who run out of internet on their phones, I share with you a helpful little tip on getting around and find locations fast and easy. So once you are in a place where you can actually connect to wifi, look up the directions on your phone to the destination you want to reach from, set it to walking and leave the blue line up on the map. The moment you leave, you will see the little blue dot still moving when you move, regardless you are connected to wifi or not. So based on the blue line that is still up on the map you can navigate yourself to your location.  And at the same time, the map will still show you all the surrounding street names too! It has saved me a ton of time while being in Barcelona.


How to Arrive by Taxi

If you decide to take a taxi, the address you need to give the driver is Carrer de Lincoln, 15.  All you have to say is Otto Zutz Barcelona and every single one knows exactly where to go.

How to Arrive by Metro

If you choose the metro, take the green line L3 to Fontana metro stop. From here it is only about a 6 minute walk. Head southwest on Carrer d’Asturies toward Carrer Gran de Gracia. Then you turn left onto Carrer de Breton de los Herreros, then left onto Av. Del Princep d’Asturies, a right onto Carrerr dels Madrazo and finally a left onto Carrer de Lincoln. Continue until building number 15 on the right.

How to Arrive by Night Bus

From Placa Catalunya, after midnight, you can take N5 to Otto Zutz Barcelona. It picks you up right by Placa Catalunya, but make sure you pay attention to the bus numbers on the back and front of the bus. It will drop you off on Via Augusta, take a left onto Career Dels Madrazo and then another left on the next block onto Career de Lincoln. The club is on the right, building 15.

How to Take Night Bus Back Home

N5 nightbus drops you off right at Plaza Catalunya, but from here you need to switch over to the corresponding night bus that is going toward wherever you are staying. To get to the walk down Career de Lincoln to Career de Laforja and take a right. Take a left onto Career de Balmes and follow the road a little after 215 and its on the right. Once you get to Placa Catalunya, its time to switch to the next bus. For example, N4 takes you to Lesseps metro stop in Gracia. This website will help you figure out what bus number you need to get to the correct area of your home.

Otto Zutz is located in neighborhood Sarria-St. Gervasi. It is in the same area as other clubs including Sutton, Costa Breve, Prive, Getback, Bling Bling, and Soho.

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