Get out there and enjoy Barcelona’s famous nightlife without any fear of getting lost or spending too much time on the way to your favorite club. This article gives you the best tips on how to reach Small’s club in Barcelona, one of the most visited and glamorous clubs in the city. Here are some directions to Small’s Barcelona from a few different transportations.

Directions to Small’s Barcelona

Iphone Map Tip

This little tip may be very useful on directing you to the right destination if you decide to walk and have no internet on your phone. When you have a chance to connect to internet, look up the directions on your phone to your destination, set it to walking and leave the blue line up on the map without pushing start. Once you leave, you will see the little blue dot still moving when you move, regardless you are connected to wifi or not. So based on the blue line that is still up on the map you can navigate yourself to your location. With a little bit of guess and check you can make sure you are heading in the right direction and find your destination. And at the same time, the map will still show you all the surrounding street names too! It has saved me a ton of time while being in Barcelona.

Here I have listed the address of Small’s Barcelona if you decide to take a taxi, the closest metro stop if you choose the metro, as well as the night bus options to and from the club. Don’t forget to try my tip from above if you’re nervous about missing turns.

There’s only a short trip until you are arriving to a night full of dancing and excitement! Get out there and enjoy the town, these directions to Small’s Barcelona will get you there safely.


How to Arrive by Taxi

Taking the taxi is the fastest and safest way. Just give the taxi driver the addressCarrer Tuset, 3 pr simply say Small’s.

How to Arrive by Metro

From line L3 (green) metro stop Diagonal, it is about a 10 minute walk to Small’s Barcelona. Once out of the metro, head northwest on Passeig de Gracia toward Carrer del Rossello. Turn left onto Avinguda Diagonal and then a right onto Carrer de Tuset. Keep walking until building 3 which will be on the left.

How to Arrive by Night Bus

From Placa Catalunya, after midnight, you can take N5 to Small’s Barcelona. Once you get off at Via Augusta take a short walk to Av. Diagonal and take a right and continue to Career de Tuset and take a right. Its only a short walk to building number 3.

How to Take Night Bus Back Home

Take a short walk to Av. Diagonal and take a left onto Carrer de Balmes and you will find the bus stop for N5 on the left. This will take you to Plaza Catalunya from here you need to switch over to the corresponding night bus that is going toward wherever you are staying. For example, N4 takes you Lesseps metro stop in Gracia. This website will help you figure out what bus number you need to get to the correct area of your home.

Small’s Barcelona is located in neighborhood Sarria-St. Gervasi. It is in the same area as other clubs including Sutton, Costa Breve, Prive, Getback, Bling Bling, and Otto zutz.

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