Latin music in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities with enlarging Latin American immigrants, whom they also brought the music to Barcelona. Latin music becomes a part of Barcelona’s modern heritage. Moreover, the city host music from all around the world contributing to the excellent vibe and unique culture of Barcelona. You should not miss the chance to discover the amazing Latin Music during your stay in Barcelona.

Ready to discover Latin Music?

Latin Music originates between Río Bravo and South America. After 300 years of colonial governance, Latin Music culture occurred a huge change. Tons of music culture from Europe, especially from Spain and Portugal, spread to Latin America. There is also a mixture of African Music due to the post-African slaves brought to Latin America.

Latin Music has a wide variety of performance, such as different performing instruments in each region. For example, the guitar is the main musical instrument to perform. With such a large mixture of melody, vocal, and beat, Latin music is colorful with energy, passion, vitality.

Latin Music is very popular in Barcelona. You will easily hear it everywhere you go such as in the shops even from people balconies and we can assure you that it gives a great atmosphere in the city. In Barcelona, there is some famous band performing Latin Music. For example, Tromboranga is one of the most famous group to perform Latin Jazz. From your personal to nightclubs, listening and dancing to Latin music is one of the biggest fashion in Barcelona.

Jamboree Barcelona

Have you ever tried to go to an underground club with good Latin Music? Are you struggling to find a good place where you will be able to move these hips on some good rhythm? Well, we have the perfect club for you: Jamboree. It is one of the best options to dance on Latin music in  Barcelona.

Jamboree Barcelona is a popular spot located close to La Rambla with wonderful Latin Music. The dance floor is big enough for you and your friends to enjoy the music and its amazing vibes because the live music stage is located right in front of the live music stage. Now singing up to ‘Shaz List’, you will be on the guest list, with enjoying the FREE ENTRANCE to Jamboree Barcelona until 1 a.m on weekends and 2 am on weekdays! There is no particular dress code, be casual and enjoy the music!

It is easy to access to Jamboree, you can take the metro line L3 to Liceu (Metro operates overnight on Sunday midnights), or the night bus N9, N12 and N15 could easily take you to Jamboree Barcelona from Plaça Catalunya. If you have reached to Plaça Catalunya, you can easily to get the corresponding night bus back to home.

 Don’t hesitate and join the music party!


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