Pickpockets in Barcelona, How to Avoid Them?

If you are planning on visiting Barcelona soon, you probably searched all over the Internet already for all the amazing places to visit and all the cool spots to check out and you may have a long to-do list by now. But what nobody warned you about is that you have to take very good care of your belongings and pay attention to pickpockets in Barcelona. Barcelona’s unique architecture and mind-blowing views will catch your heart and will make you promise that you will come back here soon, but a little bit of negligence may as well ruin your mood and experience.

This article gives you information about how to avoid pickpockets and take care of your belongings so you don’t experience any unpleasant situation while in Barcelona.

    • When you visit crowded touristy places in Barcelona, such as Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, make sure you always keep your bag on your front side and not on your back side where pickpockets can easily reach it. Also, make sure you don’t place important items on the external pockets which can also be easily open.
    • When you go to a restaurant, try not to hang your bag or jacket on the seat back. Pickpockets seem to act fast enough for you not to realize you’ve just been robbed.
    • Also, be always careful and have a look around you when you withdraw money from an ATM, as a lot of pickpockets hang out around these places. Be also very careful with your phone and where you place it when you are done using it. Try to put it in your bag and avoid the trousers pockets or other external pockets.
    • Inside the club, pay attention to who’s approaching you and have always an eye on your purse. Many of the pickpocketing situations happen in clubs where pickpockets approach you pretending to have a good time. Once off the club, try to stay away from people asking you for cigarettes or trying to promote clubs, especially between 12 and 5 am, as many of them are pickpockets and could grab your wallet, phone or purse. When at the club, it’s recommendable to put your belonging in the cloakroom for 2 euro than risking to lose them.
    • Pickpockets usually act in groups: one will distract you while another steals and then run away, so try not to be alone, especially during the night.
    • The metro lines are also common places for pickpocketing, so try not to fall asleep and always keep an eye on your belongings.

These suggestions should help you be safe and avoid unpleasant situations with pickpockets when in Barcelona so you can experience an amazing time either alone or with your friends.

Pickpockets in Barcelona, How to Avoid Them?
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Pickpockets in Barcelona, How to Avoid Them?
Tips on how to avoid pickpockets in Barcelona City, Metro, and Nightclubs. Take care of your belongings to avoid any unpleasant situations.
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