CDCL club gives you the opportunity to experience the authentic Barcelona nightlife in a glamorous atmosphere. You can still add a plus of quality to your night and try VIP Table Booking at CDLC Barcelona. Your night will be unforgettable. Guaranteed.


CDLC Barcelona

The dance floor is jumping with energy and electrified with the coolest neon lights that create the best dancing atmosphere. The chandeliers are magnificent and handing above the dance floor creating the best Moroccan feel.

CDLC, or Carpe Diem Lounge Club is known for their excellent Dom Perignon Champagne served to the VIP tables. The club itself is decorated so beautifully to a marvelous Morocco and Bali theme. The great music, energetic crowd, and top notch service keeps the club at a high rank. If celebrities come to town they often choose Carpe Diem to spend their night at. The dance floor is huge and has beautiful chandeliers hanging high above, there is also a huge screen to the side where videos are played.

Gather your friends and put on your nice clothes because its about to be a great night. For the girls dresses and nice heels or sandals are the most appropriate and for the men you will need long pants and a collared shirt with nice dress shoes. CDLC doesn’t allow anything overly scandalous and doesn’t allow any type of tennis shoe or flip-flop into the club. The last thing you want is to be turned away from the bouncer because of what you are wearing. If you have the outfit then you are ready to begin your night at the VIP area in CDLC Barcelona.


The club has private Bedouin tents available to spend personal time with your friends or you can choose to dance and mingle with others on the dance floor. The Bali Lounge is beautifully decorated with bright Moroccan style pillows and decorations. There are also square sofas sectioned off by curtains to give you a private area to enjoy some drinks at. They give you not only privacy but also a more exclusive feel away from the crowd for conversation and relaxation.

What’s Included?

With whatever bottle you choose to purchase, you will also get up to ten refreshments of your choice to mix with. A normal 180 Euro table comes with a standard 75 cl bottle of your choice, for example absolute vodka or Jack Daniels. The premium bottles such as Grey Goose, Belvedre, and Moet are more expensive. With your bottle you get your choice of soda, juices, energy drinks. At your VIP table you can enjoy the music from your comfortable lounge area and receive excellent service brought right to you. If you are tired of sitting then you can get up and join the crowd on the dance floor! The VIP sections make you feel like you are the most important guests at CDLC Barcelona.

Choosing to get a VIP table at Opium Barcelona will be the best choice you make of the summer. It is a guaranteed night of non-stop entertainment by the club. The fun is waiting for you, you just have to make the choice to go in and make the most of your nights here in Barcelona.

 VIP Table Booking at CDLC Barcelona

To book any of these great VIP sections all you have to do is

Call / whatsapp +34 66 33 62 087 for the great deals that Shaz List offers. There are always new deals available and you certainly don’t want to miss out of them.

Even better through the Shaz Guest List DO NOT charge any fees to book tables, the booking is free of cost.

The only cost to you is the bottles you order from the menu. It is a great deal you don’t want to miss!

Price: 180 Euros and Up

Music: Commerical house (Main Dance Floor) | Hip Hop &RnB

Club Hours: 0h-3:30h (Open until 6h on weekends)

If you want to have the best night while in Barcelona, then don’t hold back! Click and Reserve your table now! It is time to dance until dawn.

Where CDLC is Located

It is an experience that you will not want to miss out on. CDLC Barcelona is located along the Port Olimpic strip near the L4 yellow line “Ciutadella-Villa Olimpica” stops on the metro. After you get off its only a short walk to a wonderful night. For more information on how to get to the Carpe Diem, click here.