Booking a VIP table at Opium Barcelona will make your party night an unforgettable one.  Guaranteed.

Make sure you enjoy your club experience to its full potential when in Barcelona. Dancing the night away to epic music and drinking an array of delicious drinks is a given, but what if it could be better?

Opium Barcelona

Opium Barcelona is every essence of the word sophisticated. The club has a great modern, exclusive environment with an electric atmosphere. The club is full of disco colors. They reflect off the clubs many mirrors and glass objects to create a unique surrounding. This club attracts guests from all over the world. The main reason is its popularity + their excellent VIP areas and service.

Before you venture into the club you can check your jacket or purse right bellow the stairs for only a couple of euros. There are three different bars available for all your drinking appetites. One located right when you walk into the main lounge. Another one is on the far side of the building on the other side of the dance floor.  And the third one is outside on the terrace. Opium has a huge main dance floor in front of the Dj/Stage area where you can get right up close to all the excitement. There is lots of room to dance to the best House music while watching awesome go-go dancers party with you all night long.

Gather your friends and put on your nice clothes because its about to be a great night. For girls, dresses and nice heels or sandals are the most appropriate. The men will need long pants and a collared shirt with nice dress shoes. Opium doesn’t allow anything overly scandalous and doesn’t allow any type of tennis shoe or flip-flop into the club. The last thing you want is to be turned away from the bouncer because of what you are wearing. If you have the outfit then you are ready to begin your night at the VIP area in Opium Barcelona.

Opium Barcelona VIP Section

Opium Barcelona has three different VIP sections.

Grey Goose VIP Section

“Grey Goose” is located behind the stage for an exclusive view of the Dj and the dance floor. This VIP is separated in two parts, one where you are directly behind the Dj’s so you can view the dance floor as the Dj himself sees it. To the left of the dance floor you can pop bottles and have all attention on you from everyone out dancing. The section is candle lit with tons of space to dance and mingle in your exclusive area.

Beluga and Mumm VIP Section

“Beluga” is located to the left of the stage and “Mumm” is located to the right of the stage (if you look at the DJ from dance floor) , both excellent locations and views. The sections have an awesome blue, red, and purple ambiance that takes your breath away.

Terrace VIP Section

There is also a lovely terrace area that is beautifully designed and has a fantastic view of the beach. The private section out on the terrace for the VIPs that have huge comfortable long white sofas with purple, tan, or red decorative pillows is just amazing. You can find there small glass tables for all your drinking needs and plenty of room to dance on the couches and area around you and of course take some pictures. The breeze from outdoors makes the terrace a great area to go and relax to enjoy a cocktail or two or even bottle service with the fun sparklers. You can also order Hookah/Shisha both out on the terrace and inside the club.

Whats Included?

With whatever bottle you choose to purchase, you will also get up to ten refreshments of your choice to mix with. A normal 300 Euro table comes with a standard 75 cl bottle of your choice, for example absolute vodka or Jack Daniels. And you get your choice of soda, juices, energy drinks. At your VIP table you can enjoy the music from your comfortable lounge area and receive excellent service brought right to you. If you are tired of sitting then you can get up and join the crowd on the dance floor! The VIP sections make you feel like you are the most important guests in Opium Barcelona. A great aspect about the club is they have a license to serve alcohol until 6am, so you can truly party until dawn.

VIP Table Booking at Opium Barcelona is easy and will be the best choice you make of the summer. It is a guaranteed night of non-stop entertainment by the club. The fun is waiting for you, you just have to make the choice to go in and make the most of your nights here in Barcelona.

How to book a VIP Table at Opium Barcelona?

To book any of these great VIP sections all you have to do is

Even better through the Shaz Guest List DO NOT charge any fees to book tables, the booking is free of cost. The only cost to you is the bottles you order from the menu. It is a great deal you don’t want to miss!

Price: From 300€ up to 1500€ depending on the bottle

Music: Commercial House & Hits (every day), Hip Hop till 3 AM (Sunday & Tuesday)

Club Hours: 23h-5h (open until 6am on weekends)

If you want to have the best night while in Barcelona, then don’t hold back! Click and Reserve your table now! It is time to dance until dawn.

Where is Opium Barcelona?

It is an experience that you will not want to miss out on. Opium Barcelona is located along the Port Olimpic strip near the L4 yellow line. “Ciutadella-Villa Olimpica” stop on the metro. After you get off its only a short walk to a wonderful night. For more information on how to get to the Opium, click here.