While in Barcelona why would you not want to enjoy your club experience to its full potential? Dancing the night away to epic music and drinking an array of delicious drinks is a given, but what if it could be better? VIP table Booking at Pacha Barcelona is one of the best options for having VIP table just for you and your friends. Your night will be unforgettable. Guaranteed.

Pacha Barcelona

Walking down the massive beautiful white staircase immediately starts the Ibiza style that Pacha is proud to have. The energy literally vibrates off the dance floor right when you turn the corner. All you can think of is how fast can you grab a drink and join the crowd. The dance floor pulses from the bass of the music creating an atmosphere made for dancing.

If you don’t want to worry about your purse all night or if you have a jacket, then you can check them in at the bottom of the staircase. There is a bar at the back end of the club ready to serve you as well as one outside if you choose to venture to the terrace. The main dance floor is massive and has small tables to set your drinks on if you need to. The Dj is elevated up on a platform so he can view all the dancing activity from the top. The house music vibrates in your chest along with the lights and beats you will not stop dancing

Gather your friends and put on your nice clothes because its about to be a great night. For the girls dresses and nice heels or sandals are the most appropriate and for the men you will need long pants and a collared shirt with nice dress shoes. Opium doesn’t allow anything overly scandalous and doesn’t allow any type of tennis shoe or flip-flop into the club. As Pacha describes it they want “smart and elegant” outfits and people for their club. The last thing you want is to be turned away from the bouncer because of what you are wearing. If you have the outfit then you should definitely try VIP table Booking at Pacha Barcelona.

Pacha VIP section

Pacha has three VIP areas with huge beautiful white sofas.

White is color scheme that encompasses the entire club. It´s creating a contagious enthusiastic spirit that will not break the entire evening and night.

Each VIP area is filled with the white modern sofas, stools, and tables with beautiful red flowers. The sections are on a raised platform off on the sides of the building. Right when you come down the stairs into the main room of the club, immediately ahead and to the right is a long section of VIP tables. If you are looking at the Dj’s stage there is one to the right. The stage is located right by a bar and the easiest access to the main dance floor. The sections are sectioned off by a small glass gate that creates an elegant separation, while still being involved with the rest of the club. The VIP service at Pacha will impress you with their service and excellent selection of drinks. Of course later, the music that will keep you moving all night long.

Terrace VIP

The club has a great big terrace area where you can go to take a breather and to make the experience even better, there is a separate section on the terrace for the VIPs. There is another bar outside along with many seating choices to rest your feet. If you just can’t stop getting your groove on. You can also dance out on the terrace with a smaller amount of people. The options are endless. If you are even feeling up to going to the beach for a little walk in the sand, you just have to get a stamp from the bouncer at the back and you are good to go to and from the club all night.

Whats Included?

With VIP bottle service you get personalized service at your own table for you and your friends, a bottle of top-notch alcohol, and soft drinks. Along with bottle service you also get free access to the club without waiting in line! At your VIP table you can enjoy the music from your comfortable lounge area and receive excellent service brought right to you. If you are tired of sitting then you can get up and join the crowd on the dance floor! The VIP sections make you feel like you are the most important guests in Pacha Barcelona.

Choosing to get a VIP table at Opium Barcelona will be the best choice you make of the summer. It is a guaranteed night of non-stop entertainment by the club. The fun is waiting for you, you just have to make the choice to go in and make the most of your nights here in Barcelona.

How to book a VIP Table at Pacha Barcelona

To book any of these great VIP sections all you have to do is

Call / whatsapp +34 66 33 62 087 for the great deals that Shaz List offers. There are always new deals available and you certainly don’t want to miss out of them.

Even better through the Shaz Guest List DO NOT charge any fees to book tables, the booking is free of cost.

The only cost to you is the bottles you order from the menu. It is a great deal you don’t want to miss!

Price: Begins at 250 Euros and goes up from there

Music: Commercial house/ Electro (Main Dance Floor) | Hip Hop & RnB (Terrace)

Club Hours: 23h-5h (open until 6h on weekends)

If you want to have the best night while in Barcelona, then don’t hold back! Click and reserve your VIP table Booking at Pacha Barcelona! It is time to dance until dawn.

How to find Pacha Barcelona

It is an experience that you will not want to miss out on. Pacha Barcelona is located along the Port Olimpic strip near the L4 yellow line “Ciutadella-Villa Olimpica” stops on the metro. After you get off its only a short walk to a wonderful night. For more information on how to get to the Pacha, click here.