Are you thinking where to party in Barcelona? Here are some options!

Do you want to discover a wilder side of Barcelona nightlife but don’t know where to start? Is your question where to Party in Barcelona? Then, let us guide you into the greatest party places in the city!

Find yourself discovering some of the best clubs in the city, where you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable night. Some of the top clubs and restaurants can be found in very popular and touristic areas such as Port Olimpic, La Rambla, Eixample, Gracia and many more. While in the morning these areas are crowded by sightseers, the real fun starts after sunset, so don’t forget to bring your party side with you! Scroll down and learn more about some of the best clubs in the city, ranging from the classiest to the liveliest:

Classy parties on the beach:


Opium is notably one of the most vibrant clubs in the city, visited by high profile celebrities. For instance Shakira, Akon, David Guetta and many more. With a huge dance floor and world-class DJs every night, Opium knows exactly how to make the night last forever. Look for your sexiest and elegant outfit and get ready for a night full of music and energy; for special days, treat yourself and three other friends with a VIP table and make the moment even more memorable!


If you’ve ever been to the clubs in Ibiza before, then you are guaranteed to feel a sense of déjá vu as soon as you step on Pacha. Located in the Mediterranean beach, Pacha has an exotic feel to it, with music and energy pumping in every direction. Inside the club, you will find yourself surrounded by a glamorous set up and decor, with a fusion of Pink and Fuchsia enhancing the atmosphere. Come and reserve a one-of- a- kind VIP-table with 4 of your friends and don’t forget: Dress nice and elegant for this exciting night!


Situated inside the famous W hotel, Eclipse is one of the most high end club you will find in Barcelona. The contemporary-designed layout, followed by a mesmerizing view over the city will give you the sense of importance and privilege; followed by an eagerness to have fun through the night. Enjoy a great night with your pals with a VIP treatment, making the night one of the most memorable night. Check our special VIP prices on our website.


Urban vibe on la Rambla:


Looking for something less fancy and more urban? Jamboree! Situated in La Rambla, Jamboree is a popular underground club pumping nothing but the best international music, ranging from hip-hop, house, live and many more. Structured with brick walls and archways, the club resembles an abandoned tunnel, giving you the vibe that you’re partying underground.

Party in Eixample:

Bling bling

The name perfectly defines what the club is all about. Surrounded by a shimmering fusion of gold, pink and blue glimmering the venue, Bling bling radiates vogue, luxury and thrill all at once, keeping everyone buzzing throughout the night. Expect to be entertained by a diverse variety of performances such as go-go dancers and live saxophone; not to mention great house music played by some of the best Djs. For a more luxurious experience, upgrade to vip for 5 people.



Situated in the popular area of Eixample, Soho will take your breath away just by seeing its interior design. Furnished in an elegant and colourful scheme design, Soho welcomes its guests with a vibrant and energetic vibe, with a DJ playing a variety of different music from party anthems to commercial music. There are three different areas in Soho which you can access to based on what you feel like; you can either dance, hangout or enjoy the luxury life in the Vip section.

Bohemian Gracia:


Built inside an old textile factory, Otto Zutz is one of the most visited clubs.  It´s the place where to party in Barcelona. The interior of the club has been kept to its original state to give its guests an idea of what the place originally used to be for. With its steel and iron interior, Otto Zutz has a metallic yet original vibe to it; mixed with the energetic atmosphere caused by different styles of music, you are guaranteed to have a great night.

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